On this page you will find our recommendations sorted by BNF chapter.

Appraisal Reports are available to stakeholders on request.

Where a decision is >24 months old; these are highlighted in red. If you are a clinician working within the NTAG region and would like to prioritise an old decision for re-review please contact the professional secretary on nuth.nyrdtc.rxsupp@nhs.net

Title Documents Decision Date
Daily vs on-demand PDE-5 inhibitors for management of erectile dysfunction following treatment for prostate cancer Recommendation Recommended that once daily oral 5mg tadalafil may be considered as an option for the management of erectile dysfunction following treatment for prostate cancer. Oral 2.5mg tadalafil is not recommended by NTAG for this indication on the basis of cost 07/09/2021
Dapoxetine for PE Recommendation Not recommended 03/06/2014


Ulipristal (Ellaone®) for post-coital (up to 120 hours) contraception Recommendation Recommended as the preferred drug treatment option for post-coital contraception for patients who present between 72 and 120 hours following unprotected intercourse 22/02/2022
Purewick® female external urinary catheter Recommendation Not recommended 02/06/2020


Vaginal devices for female urinary stress incontinence Recommended for restricted use as per NTAG Decision Summary in NENC Medicines Committee Recommendations from December 2022 https://northeastnorthcumbria.nhs.uk/about-us/publications/medicines-committee/ 15/11/2022