The purpose of the Northern Treatment Advisory Group (NTAG) is to advise member commissioning organisations on the clinical and cost-effectiveness of new and existing treatments, thereby ensuring equitable access to a clinically defined and appropriate range of treatments for the relevant patient population.

The geography of NTAG encompasses all localities and places within the North East and North Cumbria ICS.

The Northern Treatment Advisory Group has a remit to consider drug and non-drug treatments such as medical devices and interventional procedures. It is anticipated that the majority of treatment appraisals undertaken will relate to pharmaceutical treatments.

NTAG will prioritise the following for review:

  • Drugs which are likely to have significant commissioning issues (very expensive or require a full pathway review)
  • Tariff excluded drugs where home share issues or regional procurement may require consideration.
  • High to moderate cost drugs provided via a tertiary centre.

Treatments which are specifically excluded from the remit of the group:

  1. Treatments which are the responsibility of NHS England via specialised commissioning arrangements, including most cancer drugs and related treatments.
  2. Treatments for indications which have been subject to a NICE technology appraisal or for which technology appraisal guidance is expected within six months of the next scheduled NTAG meeting.